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Car news / 2009 Renault Laguna Coupe


2009 Renault Laguna Coupe

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Head-turning, fresh styling

The flowing lines of Renault Laguna Coupe’s elegant, uncluttered design articulate a mingle of eternal loveliness and the assurance of sheer motoring enjoyment. There is no mistaking the legacy it has inherited from the display automobile unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2007 and from the Renault Laguna range at the summit of which it is meant to preside. With a extent of 4.64 metres and a breadth of 1.83 metres, its proportions are nicely balanced, while the brand mark which stems from the grille rises forcefully along its flanks, a swell of air, gracefully underpinning the design of its face wings before extending rearwards to highlight its powerful haunches. The glazed spaciousness of its windows is shown away to its unsurpassed ascendancy close by a pure, flowing arc. Sitting on its 17- or 18-inch aluminium assortment wheels, Laguna Coupe’s carriage exudes a faculty of energy and power thanks to a wheelbase dimension of 2.69m and a altitude of 1.40m.

This feeling is echoed close by the definite crease-lines of its extensive bonnet and close by its new alternative headlamps. The rear, meanwhile, features a extremely little jut out and broad, slim lights which current Laguna Coupe a bright, distinguishing lighting signature which suggests culture and power, especially at Stygian when the indicators form a nimbus that picks exterior the contours of the slim red LEDs.

Four-wheel steering representing an particular be seated on

Developed jointly close by Renault Engineering and specialists from Renault Sport Technologies, Laguna Coupe’s technologically-advanced chassis guarantees the final in dynamical performance. Its conspicuous agility and steadiness set down new standards when it comes to safeness and surefooted handling, while the new automobile corners with unrivalled directional correctness as if it were on rails. Following its introduction on the GT form of Renault Laguna, this chassis has as a matter of course been carried above to Laguna Coupe and is especially suited to being powered close by the new car’s V6 engines. At little speeds, the Active Drive chassis and four-wheel steering organized entire better manoeuvrability and it takes drivers no period at all to familiarize themselves with their characteristics. In town, as satisfactorily as on twisty roads, the automobile is uncomplicated to push and offers conspicuous handling precision.

It makes choosing the optimal cornering mark intuitive and more enhances the enjoyment adept behind Renault Laguna Coupe’s wheel, a faculty of put one"s hand on reinforced close by the non-attendance of transitory dynamical phenomena because of turns and close by its directional correctness at little small steering disc angles. On the demanding safeness front, the Active Drive chassis equipped with four-wheel steering excels not lone beneath braking in firm conditions (asymmetric grip, deployment of ESP), but also when attractive avoidance action (the styled ’elk test’). Meanwhile, the high even of itinerant comfort ensures peacefulness of intelligence representing all occupants who can faculty Laguna Coupe’s unrivalled demanding safety.

Powertrains with line of descent

Under the bonnet of Renault Laguna Coupe, the new V6 dCi, which is meant to rotate a benchmark in terms of execution and driving pleasure, develops 235hp (173kW) and summit torque of 450Nm. The identical build representing the petrol 3.5 V6 powerplant, which is mated representing the first period with the AJ0 self-acting six-speed transfer it shares with the diesel engine, is 330Nm, while most power is 240hp (175kW). In this configuration, Renault Laguna Coupe can accelerate to 100kph in less than seven seconds. Renault Laguna Coupe also as a matter of course benefits from the unsurpassed engines at representing Laguna, in certain the summit performing versions of the range’s two-litre petrol and diesel powerplants.

Immersive knowing with Microsoft®’s Deep Zoom technology

Friday May 23 proverb the inauguration of a bespoke Renault Laguna Coupe website. Building on the good of the Renault Laguna start away in 2007 (inside new laguna), the knowing has been carried above representing customers who desire to discover exterior more circular Laguna Coupe. The www.laguna-coupe.com website has been developed in an mismated European fellowship with Microsoft®. Thanks to a feature creativeness known as Deep Zoom technology, it has been designed to evolve constantly depending on the latest tidings to proffer an immersive knowing at the extremely ticker of this particular coupe,.

Renault Laguna Coupe desire be shown in greater certain at the approaching Paris Motor Show and desire be at representing supranational media manner tests at once upon a period after that. As the launch of the Laguna range, it has been designed to proffer sheer driving enjoyment and plays a latchkey rle in the Renault’s brand’s grow in the upper-range market. Renault Laguna Coupe epitomizes this savoir-faire when it comes to motoring enjoyment and property which is built into its genes and which can be seen in the discontinue which matches regular the most firm standards. Laguna Coupe desire be introduced progressively across the Renault sales network from mid-October featuring a extensive listing of opulence equipment.

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